M4A should have its new booklet entitled “The Book” – a Guide for Help, Information, and Resources available in hard copy and electronically in the upcoming weeks. We are excited to announce “The Book” because we feel that it will assist our partners and consumers in understanding what M4A has to offer and also provide information about a wide variety of topics.

We decided to give our newsletter and blog followers a sneak peak at what “The Book” has to offer. We picked 6 pages out of 33 pages to just give you a small glimpse at what is to come. You can view the pictures below or you can click HERE┬áto view the PDF version.

M4A_ServicesBookletFinal_Page_1 M4A_ServicesBookletFinal_Page_2 M4A_ServicesBookletFinal_Page_3M4A_ServicesBookletFinal_Page_4M4A_ServicesBookletFinal_Page_5